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Henan Publishing Group was established on March 28, 2004. Its core business is to publish, print, produce, distribute books, newspapers, periodicals, audio-video products and electronic publications as well as undertake copyright transactions. As a large-scale comprehensive publishing group, it integrates publication, printing, distribution, production and marketing. It comes as the 150th of the 500 national service enterprises in respect of its overall strength and the second of the national culture enterprises in the fields of publication and distribution of books, broadcasting, movie and TV. It has long been the largest cultural group in Henan Province.

Henan Publishing Group has now 11 functional departments and 23 subsidiaries with a staff of over 20,000 employees. Relying on over two years' reform and development, it has gradually established its own publishing idea, namely "to take knowledge as the foundation, set the readers above everything, be in search of excellence, and try to gain the two-side benefits and the first rate." By the end of June, 2006, the total output value of the Group amounted to RMB 16.1 billion with a net income of RMB 14.05 billion. With an amount of RMB 753 million paid for taxation, the Group was honored with the title of the "Honest Taxpayer by the provincial government. To date, the Group boasts a total value of assets rising to RMB 5.92 billion and the owner's rights and interests as much as RMB 3.04 billion, therefore maintains and enhances the value of the state-owned assets with a rate of 115%.

Source: http://www.cbi.gov.cn:8080/wisework/content/82064.html

The above info is published in 2008. No official website is found in 2013.


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