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This is a list of 46 publishers in South Korea at the Publisher Global website with brief English introduction of each, see:

The Star Press is not on the list. However, it published an English book Emotions and Politics in Human Society: A Progressive Critique, by Xin Lin. It was based on a PhD dissertation at LSE. see details below:

Author: Xi Lin

Publisher: The Star Press


ISBN: 978-89-516-1744-7

Table of Contents
Theorising Emotions and Politics
Confucianisation and the Morality of Law in Imperial China ··············· 9
To Be Scientific or not to Be Scientific? About the Study of Politics ··· 35
The Politics of Emotion: Divorce in Mao’s China ································· 47
Otherness in the Looking-Glass ······························································· 61
Globalisation, National Politics and Supranational Polity
Fukuyama Revisited: the End of History? ·············································· 77
Consensus Politics in Postwar Britain ···················································· 97
The Realities of Globalisation of Politics and Economy ····················· 119
Transition Approach to Democratisation ············································ 137
Democratisation Revisited ····································································· 157
Multilevel Governance vs. State-centric Governance ·························· 177
Neofunctionalism Revisited in the Light of Eastern Enlargement ···· 207
Theorising ‘Greater China’ ····································································· 227
Bibliography ······························································································ 283


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