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This is a list of 32 publishers in Singapore at the Publisher Global website with brief English introduction of each, see: Amongst them, the World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd is well known as a major international publisher of high level textbooks, reference books, international proceedings and journals in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computer science, life sciences, medicine, economics management science, and social sceinces.

The World Century Publishing Corporation is not on the above list. It is a joint venture of World Scientific Publishing Group and Shanghai Century Publishing Group1. Incorporated in the United States, this collaboration draws on both our strengths to publish titles related to China’s economy, society, and culture, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). World Century authors consist of leading scholars and practitioners globally, including experts from within China. The books are distributed worldwide by World Scientific.

World Scientific, established in Singapore, is a leading independent international publisher in Science, Technology, Medicine, and Social Sciences. It has nine offices worldwide and publishes more than 500 book titles a year and 120 journals for the academic and professional communities. Notably, World Scientific was awarded the exclusive rights to publish the Nobel Lectures in English, and it is also the exclusive distributor for The National Academies Press (United States) in Asia (except Japan).

Shanghai Century, established in China as the first publishing group approved by the Government, is one of the leading publishers in the country. Its publications range from higher education to mass-market titles. The group has since expanded to comprise more than 40 subsidiaries, including 29 book publishers, eight audio-visual and electronic publishers, 72 journals and eight newspapers.

Selected titles:

The China Wave:Rise of a Civilizational State
by Weiwei Zhang 张维为 (Fudan University, China, Chunqiu Institute, China & Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Switzerland)

Breaking Out Of The Poverty Trap:Case Studies from the Tibetan Plateau in Yunnan, Qinghai and Gansu
edited by Luolin Wang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China) & Ling Zhu (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China)

Participation And Interaction:The Theory and Practice of China's Diplomacy
edited by Jinjun Zhao 赵进军 (China Foreign Affairs University, China) & Zhirui Chen 陈志瑞 (China Foreign Affairs University, China)

The Generals of the Yang Family:Four Early Plays
by Wilt L Idema (Harvard University, USA) & Stephen H West (Arizona State University, USA)

全球出版网例举了32个新加坡的出版社,见:。其中, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd 最受到关注。


世界科技, 是成立于新加坡的国际顶级独立出版机构,全球设有9个办事处。公司着重于科学、技术、医学、社会科学等领域,每年出版超过500种新书与120种专业刊 物。值得一提的是,世界科技荣获诺贝尔奖讲座文集(英文)的独家出版发行权,也获得美国国家学术出版社于亚洲(日本以外)的独家发行权。

上海世纪, 是中国首屈一指的出版社,也是经中宣部、新闻出版署批准成立的全国第一家出版集团。集团图书出版品种位居全国第一,从高等教育至大众读物都包含其中。集团 至今已拥有全资或控股成员单位超过40家,包括29家图书编辑出版机构、8家影音与电子出版机构、72种期刊、8种报纸。



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