Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group

Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Company Ltd is an investment and operating enterprise authorized by the Hunan Provincial Government. It operates and manages all the state owned assets of the companies and the public institutions owned by the former Bureau of Press and Publication of Hunan Province, and is responsible for value preservation and value adding of the state-owned assets. The group was restructured in 2004, and is a large-scale Category I state-owned enterprise under the provincial administration. Currently the group boasts 25 subsidiaries (branch), and has formed an all-around structure in the media industry with complete categories of books, newspapers, periodicals, audio & video, electronics and networks, and is involved in the integrated multi-media development of paper, tapes, CDs and electronic publications.  

Since its founding, the group sticks to the policy of considering development as the first task, and following the direction of cultural advancement, pursuing the goal of furthering development and integrated operations. It is determined to reform and innovate, so that the advancement of its economic situation in the industry has been strong. In 2004, total assets and total sales of the group both went over five billion Yuan, and the group has been included in the Top 500 of Chinese Enterprises for four successive years in Terms of Scale issued by the Information Center of the National Statistics Bureau. According to the culture industry research report on news & publications, broadcast & television, theatrical performance, advertisements and tourism by the State Research Base for the Culture Industry -- Culture Industry Research Institute of Beijing University, the group ranks among the top five. In December 2003, Comrade Li Changchun, Member of Standing Committee of Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, pointed out when he was inspecting the group: " I never had thought that there is such an energetic publishing group in the provinces in central China, I wish it would speed up its advancement", and " I support the public listing of the Hunan Publishing Group".

Advancing through all ups and downs, pouring over strategies and plans, keeping pace with the times, reforming and innovating, the Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group shall, as always, comply with the spirit of the 16th Plenary Session of the CPC, grasp elusive strategic opportunities, occupy the market, realize great developments, create new images, and make a contribution to the healthy and rapid development of Hunan & apos culture industry.







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