China Studies 

This 'China Studies Series' was published in 1980s by New World Press. It was the first such book series by Chinese scholars in English. It will be re-published jointly by New World Press and Global China Press. The titles include: 

  • 1981 Toward A People’s Anthropology, by Fei Hsiao tung
  • 1981 China's Population: Problem and Prospects, by Liu Zheng, Song Jian and Others
  • 1982 China's Search for Economic Growth: the Chinese Economy Since 1949, by Xu Dixin and Others
  • 1983 New Strategy for China's Economy, by Ma Hong
  • 1983 The 1911 Revolution - A Retrospective After 70 Years, by Hu Sheng, Liu Danian and Others
  • 1983 Chinese Village Close-Up, by Fei Hsiao tung
  • 1984 Highlights of Tibetan History, by Wang Furen and Suo Wenqing
  • 1986 Small Towns in China, by Fei Hsiao tung




  • 1981年 《迈向人民的人类学》,费孝通著
  • 1981年 《中国人口:问题与展望》,刘铮、宋健等著
  • 1982年 《中国经济增长之路:1949年以来的中国经济》 ,许涤新等著
  • 1983年 《中国经济新战略》,马洪著
  • 1983年 《辛亥革命--70年后回顾》,胡绳、刘大年等著
  • 1983年 《中国村落研究》,费孝通著
  • 1984年 《西藏历史集锦》,王辅仁、索文清著
  • 1986年 《中国小城镇》,费孝通著


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